Working with FuelsPricing

We work closely with customers to help them meet pricing challenges
in fast-changing markets all around the world.


More than twenty years’ experience working in more than 50 countries, pricing more than 30,000 service stations. FuelsPricing was an early innovator in designing pricing systems that have since become the price optimization and business intelligence systems of choice for the world’s major fuel companies and thousands of operators around the world. In a 2017 survey, customers identified FuelsPricing’s in-depth, hands-on understanding of hugely diverse regional markets as a key reason for selection. “Their experience is very valuable; they can handle complex pricing; and they apply best practice learned all around the world.”

The IIS FuelsPricing Directors have a wealth of knowledge gathered working in the fuel majors and working collaboratively in-country with FuelsPricing customers. From complex markets in Brazil, to price sensitive markets in parts of Europe, and others that are government regulated, to emerging markets such as China: our customers take advantage of our support to configure their solutions and implement effective fuels pricing strategies.


IIS FuelsPricing has been providing software solutions in global markets since 1990. The ‘most complex’ market to model for Retail and B2B was Brazil; a title that it retains to this day.

Having helped companies in every type of market, from Australia to Brazil, we are uniquely able to advise on, implement and configure our standard solutions to exactly match customer needs in an ever-changing marketplace.

While the core pricing process is similar around the globe, the level of complexity in commercial and fiscal arrangements vary significantly. Consider the variations, for example, in Australia, where price observations take place every 15 minutes; or Argentina, where in 2000 the post office provided data once a week, which has since evolved; and permutations of site operation, self-serve, full-serve, spilt-serve, and unattended, including price changes direct to the POS and pole sign.

FuelsPricing currently prices well over 30,000 service stations and more than 100,000 wholesale buyers in every corner of the world; from northern Canada to southern Argentina, and from the South Island of New Zealand to the north of Japan.

Chain sizes vary from 30 sites to 5,000 sites with pricing strategies that range from “match the lowest” to price/volume optimised statistical models, as well as every variation on the pricing spectrum. The strength of our integration capability, and our cost/benefit approach, enables IIS customers to leverage any advantages that arise in their trading environment.

The business returns on speed, accuracy and flexibly are significant; while the cost of inefficient pricing and slow market response can be high.

Take advantage of FuelsPricing systems and global expertise to help you manage your estate as effectively as possible, with clear line-of-sight across the factors that affect sales and profits.


FuelsPricing has a defined service culture and must-do attitude to product development. We always place the needs of your business first.

In a 2017 third party survey of our customers, it was rewarding and reassuring to hear, from both long-standing and relatively new customers, that they identify strong, positive characteristics in the way we work.

A selection of candid customer comments includes:

“They get to grips with the needs of the business, then go all out.”

“They are very agile; they combine speed and accuracy; no fuzzy stuff.”

“This is the key point: IIS is very unusual. They have business understanding and technical capability. It’s an unusual combination.”

“They recruit exceptionally capable people.”

“No one believed I could deliver the project in the time available. With the help of IIS, I did.”

“The system is extremely stable. In 4 years we’ve only had one mishap, which was the result of an end user mistake. Support was there 24 hours – IIS took steps to fix the problem at 2 a.m.”

“It was the most fun I’d ever had working on a project!”

"We now have the ability to adjust pricing within defined parameters, which is important, and we can be entirely self-managing or call on IIS for advice, recommendations and options.”


FuelsPricing products are renowned for their stability; they are ready-to-go and quick to roll out. Thousands of our system users are self-sufficient and require little assistance after initial set-up and training.

However, many others work closely with FuelsPricing to refine their systems and they describe their relationship with us as ‘co-dependent.’

Our approach is always collaborative. The real world experiences and emerging challenges of our customers inform our product roadmap. Close connection with the shifting forces within the fuels sector all around the world helps us to provide effective products that exactly meet customers’ needs.


In the fuels sector, a small user error or pricing delay can result in missed opportunities or significant losses. The dedicated FuelsPricing Support Team is always on hand to answer queries and help with fixes. Our experts know FuelsPricing systems from top to bottom and back to front. They are highly knowledgeable about the technology used by customers and about regional and market variations. We pride ourselves on our ability to help customers extract maximum value from our pricing systems.

FuelsPricing provides round-the-clock comprehensive support by phone or email.



There is little or no replacement for experience when it comes to knowing the market forces and understanding the nuances that apply in different regions and countries. Market knowledge and technical capability are hallmarks of the FuelsPricing difference.  The FuelsPricing senior team has worked in many of the world's leading fuel companies, and have eye witness knowledge of market challenges in more than 50 countries. They place their vast experience at the disposal of our Retail and Wholesale customers.


With its proven track record in the retail petrol industry, the package was chosen to work in real time and integrate with our existing systems.

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