Site and Field Communication | Pricing

Site Operators and Area/Territory Managers need to provide and consume information from the pricing system. They want it to be simple, timely, accurate and delivered cost effectively on the device of their choice. delivers this via email, fax, phone, tablet and web based on configurable pricing actions.

Site Operators

In order to feed and execute the pricing process, it is vital to make it simple and cost effective for field staff, who operate sites, to get relevant, timely and accurate information.  FuelsPricing is designed to make use of all available channels depending on the customer infrastructure. This can range from direct integration with the POS and Pole Sign,  web-based, smart phone and tablet integration, through to phone-based IVR. Our goal is to find the most cost-effective approach, and our experiences around the globe, along with the continuing improvement in available technology, mean this our efficiency drive is a continuous process. 

Alongside the day to day information flow - FuelsPricing Retail - provides the capability for field staff to perform structured site surveys to validate qualitative information about sites.  These surveys can be configured for specific data collection purposes, e.g., promotional activity, or for input into the pricing strategy.  The choice is the customers - FuelsPricing provides the capability to connect to your site operators directly.

As an example, for some customers the data collection has been extended beyond pricing of fuels to look at competitive pricing of shop and promotional products, not just against other gas stations but all competitive retailers.

Territory Managers

Territory managers need information to see what is happening in the sites that they look after and also to validate information that is being provided. An example is FuelsPricing's ability to provide capability for Audit Observation. While data is ideally collected from automatic sources (fuel cards, etc), in some markets we provide additional capability for Area/Territory Managers to survey markets periodically, so they can check validity.  Another usage has been mystery shopper style data collection.  

Simple yet powerful analytics and reporting are also available to the Area/Territory Managers within FuelsPricing so that market and performance information are available at their fingertips.


FuelsPricing can provide information to customers' consumer websites, mobile applications platforms or, if needed, provide a framework for their development.


When we started on this project we were very concerned about everything that we needed to do to be ready for Dec 1st. The most critical pieces for us were the pricing solution and the internet order taking solution. I can say that we were very fortunate to meet IIS.

Major South American Customer