Seamless Integration | pricing

Pricing Systems must integrate with other systems both at site and head office. has been designed to make this simple, reliable and cost effective.

Head Office, Back Office, Site systems, Third party systems . . .

Site Systems, Billing Systems, Customer Services Systems, Delivery Systems, Information Providers (Platts, Argus, OPIS, etc), Government Regulatory Systems, Site Reference Data Systems, WetStock Systems, VMI/ASR/TDO Systems ... the list goes on. A fully automated and integrated Pricing system needs to communicate with all these types of systems seamlessly, rapidly and securely. 

FuelsPricing partners with a number of leading providers of these types of systems and works with industry standard ERP vendors to ensure that an area that is typically a fraught IT system issue area becomes a business integration strength.

While we think it's great when we work with partner systems that we have worked with previously:

  • Site Systems : Tokheim 
  • WetStock Systems : Fairbanks 
  • ASR/TDO Systems : Lomosoft 
  • ERP Systems : SAP IS Oil 

We alo come across an enormous number of internally developed systems or other industry players. Fortunately for us for customers, FuelsPricing is designed to allow us to get data into and out of the system via industry standards in a low-cost way. We have integrated with more than 100 different systems in our history and our standard framework for both batch and real-time interfaces has stood the test of time. 

The importance of integration

Customers should not underestimate the importance of integration in terms of speed to market, resilience and pricing efficiency. Based on our industry experience across all aspects of the Fuels Downstream systems landscape FuelsPricing delivers where many others quite simply just don't.


Making and implementing the right pricing decisions is now a key process for us during this period of growth. We identified as the best available solution.

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