Retail Fuels Pricing

With our global experience, there isn't a pricing scenario we haven’t seen and accounted for in Setup multiple strategies, including complying with any emergency regulations. Manage user roles. Customize your dashboard. View performance and executional metrics. Centralized or decentralized decision making. Manage approval authorities. From one to thousands of sites.

The areas outlined below represent 4 core pillars of a world class retail pricing system.  These pillars are underpinned by integrated analytics which deliver in-context information and insight to the finger tips of the pricing analyst.  Read more about each of these pillars by clicking on the + link. 

Improve Pricing Efficiency Retail has been designed to remove the drudgery from the pricing process allowing the Pricing Analyst to focus on what is important. Whether it is configurable automation delivering Auto-Approval, In-context analytics with sophisticated visualisation, integrated maps with drive times, complex pricing strategies combined with continual performance management the goal is to improve efficiency.

Optimizing Profitability

Collect, utilize and analyze all available information to formulate an appropriate pricing strategy. Measure performance and optimize the strategy to meet your goals.

Site and Field Communication

Site Operators and Area/Territory Managers need to provide and consume information from the pricing system. They want it to be simple, timely, accurate and delivered cost effectively on the device of their choice. delivers this via email, fax, phone, tablet and web based on configurable pricing actions.

Seamless Integration

Pricing Systems must integrate with other systems both at site and head office. has been designed to make this simple, reliable and cost effective. 
  • Making and implementing the right pricing decisions is now a key process for us during this period of growth. We identified as the best available solution.
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