We took over Cliveden House Hotel on Tuesday 13th December for a delayed celebration of its 20 years of Operation.  Many people who have worked on successful projects with us over the years attended for what was a hugely enjoyable evening.  

At the end of the evening ExxonMobil presented Mark Scanlon, IIS (FuelsPricing.com) Founder and CEO, with a commemorative plaque thanking IIS for 20 years of service excellence to the Global Fuels Marketing business.  

The general theme of the evening was celebrating and thanking all involved in the impressive achievements of the last 20 years.  Mark finished his speech indicating how bright the future is with numerous new customers taking on products over the last 12 months and more planned in 2012.


  • When we started on this project we were very concerned about everything that we needed to do to be ready for Dec 1st. The most critical pieces for us were the pricing solution and the internet order taking solution. I can say that we were very fortunate to meet IIS. 
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    • Quoter Name Major South American Customer