About IIS (FuelsPricing.com).

A message from our CEO, Mark Scanlon. 

I am really pleased to launch our new website and re-branding of our software products under the FuelsPricing.com brand.  

As much as our customers love what IIS does for them and have trusted us to price billions of dollars of product daily in 25,000 retail service stations and over 50,000 B2B end consumers over the past 20 years it’s time for us to focus on the wider market. We need to ensure all of the industry is aware of what we do and a change in name helps – it does what it says on the tin.

What bought this into focus was recently, a respected US based Fuels Pricing consultant took a detail look at our product and our people visiting us in the UK. This was based on his extensive experience of other software solution in the US market place and wanting to see what we did after finding the FuelsPricing.com website. His comment was telling – “Why don’t more companies know about you it feels like you are the industry’s best kept secret”. He liked our products so much and was confident in bringing it to a wider US market that he accepted a position with IIS as Vice President US Pricing Operations and will head up our push into the US market.

Our software is renowned for its configurability, ease of use and delivering value to customers. Our people are valued for both their technical, business knowledge and being very good to work with.  What is clear is that we haven’t been so good at marketing, a function of being so busy, consumed by Oil Majors and frankly marketing not being our core competence. We have invested in some external help and the first item was to make wider use of FuelsPricing.com.

Despite the awareness levels our current marketing has not achieved, it’s become clear based on recent information released by one of our competitors we really have been doing rather well (read more in Market Share)

Our view and those shared by our board and advisors is that based on the true market share, our solid global customer base, the latest product developments and recent wins where we have been in competitive evaluations (see link) that the future is very bright for the FuelsPricing.com brand.

I am absolutely sure that this increased awareness that our sales and marketing investment will generate more activity and we look forward to being engaged in more competition such that additional customers can enjoy the benefits of FuelsPricing.com


March 2014.

  • Making and implementing the right pricing decisions is now a key process for us during this period of growth. We identified FuelsPricing.com as the best available solution.
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