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20th Anniversary Celebrations


Inform Information Systems Ltd (“IIS”) is the legal entity delivering software solutions now branded as IIS has been providing and integrating software solutions since it was formed in 1990 optimizing the Fuels Pricing process in both the retail petrol station and wholesale B2B fuels market. Our focus has always been to provide solutions that streamline operational processes in order to reduce cost and providing functional capabilities to deliver and understand competitive price volume optimisation enabling Fuels retailers to improve pricing performance. 

Our heritage with Fuels Pricing began with developing a custom solution for Esso UK in the mid 1990's to support the PriceWatch Campaign which successfully changed the UK marketplace - read the case study here. IIS was able to take that experience and after significant development build a generic commercial package. This package was licensed by one of the Major Oil Companies and rolled out over a number of years around the world as the corporate standard for fuels pricing, automating most aspects of pricing in all classes of trade in both retail and wholesale fuels area.



Our customers range from independent retailers to the largest multi-national integrated oil companies and has delivered solutions in over 50 countries around the globe. With significant experience in integrating with many of the leading solutions in the fuels marketing space ranging from SAP to specialized wet stock systems. Through our global experience we are able to provide solutions from a position of truly understanding the business problems that customers face.

Our UK head office has always been in Maidenhead, west of London and we are fortunate to have our HQ on the banks of the river Thames, which our customers from all over like to visit. IIS enjoys long term relationships with its customers and at our 20th celebration which took place at the world renowned Cliveden house just across the river Thames from our office At the celebration one of our major customers presented us with a plaque celebrating 20 years of service excellence.

Our ethos is to help customers in based on our extensive experience in most areas of the downstream business. To assist us with that we partner and integrate with other trusted software and service providers to deliver amongst others logistics, wet stock compliance and site connectivity.

In recent years we are proud to have helped a number of customers who have acquired sizeable chains from majors’ divestment programs in Europe, Asia and South America providing both Fuels Pricing Solutions and integration services. This trend looks set to continue as the downstream industry is changing and we look forward to continue to help in these areas as well as welcoming new customers to the platform.

IIS sells its pricing software solutions through the brand delivered via the cloud and on-premise according to the needs of our customers ensuring that it meets the most stringent security and controls requirements in the industry. We understand the challenges that customers are facing from both a business and IT perspective.

  • With its proven track record in the retail petrol industry, the package was chosen to work in real time and integrate with our existing systems.
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