Take the headache out of linking up to back office and internal data sources. Your choice of a hosted solution or an installed solution.

Fully integrated solutions

With pricing systems, there will always be some proprietary data, such as customer master data, incoming prices, and costs, that may have to be imported. FuelsPricing.com makes this process easy. The benefit to clients is that integration doesn’t require a lot of internal IT resource, or require third party integrators. We have experience working with clients with numerous back-office providers, including SAP.

We can easily tap into the necessary data streams whether they are on external websites, spreadsheets, portals, FTP, and more. Once this data is brought into FuelsPricing.com, it will be available for the pricing process, rules, strategies, and optimization. Once processed in FuelsPricing.com, prices can be sent out in numerous ways – to third party messaging services, via email directly to your customers, as attachments, as FTP, and many others. Whether its

- Real time connection to SAP for order checking and placement

- Supply quotes

- Market quotes (OPIS, Platts etc)

- Customer master 

- Data to your ERP system

- Data from your ERP system

... or to put it another way if you need to integrate FuelsPricing.com with any other system our product suite can enable that no matter if its batch process, on demand or real time web service queries. Having been around the world several times over the past 20 years we've yet to find a system we can't integrate with. 

Using our products we aim to take the pain out of systems integration, looking to leverage existing interface and processes rather than demanding a specification driven by us we're able to keep overall costs and timescales to a minimum. 

Hosted or Installed, including Analytics

FuelsPricing.com can be offered as a hosted solution running from the cloud, or as an installed application within your firewall. Either way, you will have access via traditional desktop computers, or via smartphones and Tablets. The analytics package is seamlessly integrated with FuelsPricing.com – making it easy to tap into the wealth of data and information regarding pricing performance and profitability.




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