B2B Wholesale Fuels Pricing

Wholesale pricing continues to evolve and become more complex. FuelsPricing.com B2B is built to handle the diversity of wholesale business channels and pricing methodologies - and make the pricing process dramatically easier. Intuitive and complete, FuelsPricing.com B2B includes tools and analytics to drive dramatic performance improvements.

Efficiently and Rapidly Price Spot,Rack and Term Business

Drive the daily pricing process for all stakeholders. View automated reports. Efficiently work throughout the day, responding to the market. Let the system manage the administrative complexities. Handle all different wholesale pricing channels and methods – from spot to rack to contract.

Optimizing Customer Profitability

Model your costs precisely. Model and analyze contract deal profitability before making a commitment. Use smart competitor correlation factors and pricing tactics for rack pricing. Switch strategies to react to market conditions. 

Effective Multi-Channel Customer Communication

Extend your brand by providing a customer communication portal, or easily setup any communication method for your prices. Provide customers quote letters that are easily configured and managed.

Seamless Integration with Head Office Systems

Take the headache out of linking up to back office and internal data sources. Your choice of a hosted solution or an installed solution.
  • When we started on this project we were very concerned about everything that we needed to do to be ready for Dec 1st. The most critical pieces for us were the pricing solution and the internet order taking solution. I can say that we were very fortunate to meet IIS. 
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    • Quoter Name Major South American Customer