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The right dashboard, providing insight

It is critical across all levels of the organisation to provide access to useful information. All too often you'll see dashboards and reports that look visually striking but provide little real information. has a range of dashboards and reports provided out of the box that not only look good but also provide information and data useful to their target audience. While there are multiple definitions of what a dashboard should be, one universal theme is the concept of a single screen. With all the information on one screen it’s possible to see pattern and shared trend in a way which is not possible with traditional multi-screen layouts. To fully leverage this effect, it’s vital to have very granular control over the sizing and positioning of the tables and charts in the dashboard.

Unless the tools at hand are used correctly it can be easy to confuse, overwhelm or mis-inform your audience. With the pool of data growing ever larger with more sources, more data points and more questions asked of it, it is key to ensure that what is presented is clear and accurate. 

Using not only the XLCubed toolset but also techniques from the experts in the field of data visualization, namely Stephen Few of Perceptual Edge and Edward Tufte, provides a world class set of analytics the likes of which were previously only available to the largest enterprise organisations. 

For world class analysis, tools are needed that:

    • Model the complex relationships between different products and different competitors
    • Provide capabilities to define and weight the relationships to investigate potential impacts
    • Model the local, national and global characteristics of competitors to determine pricing stances
    • Model the effects of price vs volume
    • Visualise large volumes of data over a variety of time series including prices and differentials
    • Allow GeoSpatial Visualization

The design consideration’s for analysis with what are most likely to be incomplete sets of data - its rare that perfect market knowledge about competitor pricing is known and therefore having the right tools to visualize the data and make the right decision is key.

One example dashboard below, shows a wide variety of information from sales volumes to price moves to performance against target. The dashboard also "pre-empts" questions by allow direct drill down or links to further pages with more detailed information on the specific number or chart clicked on.




Device accessibility

Complex dashboards authored in Excel can be accessed by any web enabled device. We know that in many organisations you will often be on the road and business doesn't stop, providing access to the dashboards and analytics across a range of platforms is built in the suite.



Starter Pack

As part of your instance you not only have an embedded set of dashboards and reports but we will also make available relevant reports to get you started building, modifying and customizing yourself. With accessible youtube videos on how to build reports and the self service components hundreds of users worldwide are finding it ever easier to access their own data. 

With reports designs from simple high level data requests built purely in web through to fully guided analysis in detailed dashboards there is a range of options for everyone. 



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