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Fuels Pricing for the Future. The FuelsPricing.com product along with its complementary modules forms a…

Fuels Pricing for the Future. The FuelsPricing.com product along with its complementary modules forms a state-of-the-art application, which will support your organisation in fully assessing, analyzing and amending its pricing activities.

The application’s modules, which have been developed with the latest technologies, will allow your pricing analysts to take into consideration all market pricing conditions as well as related cost and fiscal elements when performing their jobs. Moreover, as it is recognized that time is money, most operations using the FuelsPricing.com package are performed in Real-Time to allow a quick turnaround in decision-making. But that’s not all, FuelsPricing.com will also smoothly integrate with most of your organisation’s information systems (e.g. ERP systems like SAP, or legacy systems which then communicates information to your POS consolidator) to promote an efficient flow of information where deemed relevant.

The FuelsPricing.com package has been in place for 10 years as a powerful pricing tool for the retail petrol industry. It will be tailored to produce the optimum configuration to suit your organisation’s needs by our experienced team of consultants. Ultimately, the aim will be to enable the pricing analyst to maximize margins while still achieving competitive volumes – as effectively as possible.


... the combination of the experience, knowledge and solutions can produce what customers need to compete in a changing market place. This partnership can help us deliver our vision for clients ...