Efficiently & Rapidly Price Spot, Rack & Term Business

Drive the daily pricing process for all stakeholders. View automated reports. Work efficiently throughout the day, responding to the market. Let the system manage the administrative complexities. Handle all different wholesale pricing channels and methods – from spot to rack to contract.

One system to price every segment of business

With FuelsPricing one system does it all. Whether it is unbranded/branded, rack, spot, contract prices, formula prices, mid-day pricing, rack marketing/reselling, delivered pricing – any pricing method is completely covered. Some examples include lower of contract/rack formulas, using prior day, current day, weekly averages, or custom averages as a pricing basis.

You have control and flexibility. Select a standalone set-up or combine with factors from Platt’s, Argus, OPIS, incoming supplier costs, and rack prices. Use percentage rules and adders to handle even the most complex formulas required by your marketing group.

The pricing day just got easier

There is a strong need for information for many different stakeholders, and for pricing analysts to respond rapidly to market conditions, and execute pricing decisions. FuelsPricing is designed to help analysts get through the day hassle-free. Setup pre-configured reports to arrive in mailboxes overnight or in the morning. Setup customized, multiple strategies, and contract cases. Work through rack and product sets quickly to feather your strategies before market close. Rapidly finalize your price decisions at the end of the day, manage exceptions, and publish instantly.

Easily manage the complexities and intricacies of setting up and managing contracts. FuelsPricing makes it a snap to setup new formula deals, or change existing ones. Handle RVP conversion without having to touch anything. 

Manage the entire pricing chain


Manage the entire pricing chain


Unless you can demonstrate your benefits, all you are left to compete with is price.