Effective Multi-Channel Customer Communication

Extend your brand by providing a customer communication portal, or easily setup any communication method for your prices. Provide customers quote letters that are easily configured and managed.

Portals to extend your brand and communicate

With our suite of portals, we maintain a website branded to your specifications, so that your customers can have secure access to their prices – or any other information – or any interaction – that you would like make available to them. Allow customers to place on-line orders or send communications. Allow customers to see prices, delivery information, account statements or any other documents you wish to make available. The portals can be viewed via smartphones, tablets and can integrate with social media.

Publish prices any way you would like

With FuelsPricing, it is easy to set-up and maintain price distribution. Prices and data can be published via a third party disseminator, or sent directly to your customers via email, attachments, fax, or other file transfer methods. With the communications modules you can set-up completely customized price/quote letters including multi-lingual variants.

Create customized quote letters

Nothing is more important, or can save more administrative time, then having customers really understand what they are being charged, and why. With FuelsPricing, setting up unique quote letters for each customer is as easy as dropping in different components. Simply select which elements to include in your letter, including price build-up components and text.

Extend capability beyond pricing; automation, integration

Our portals integrate with many other systems and extended links improve the customer pricing experience.  In numerous installations we allow end customers to place orders, update sales and inventory forecasts, review account statements, in order to provide a fully automated customer service experience that integrates with various ERP and Logistics systems. 


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