Ad-hoc Data Analysis

Giving you access to your data in the way you want to use it.

Ad-hoc analysis

It isn't conceivable to produce a concise report for every question that could ever be asked of you. To solve that we have a two main options.

Firstly, within FuelsPricing there are a number of data reports available that enable you to take data extracts from the system, either to view on the web or download to Excel.

Secondly, if you need access to a specific data point(s), then ad-hoc analysis can be enabled either in the Web or Excel. FuelsPricing uses XLCubed tools to give you direct access to the Advance Reporting Module (ARM), which gives you control of exactly the same tools that are used to build all the dashboards and analytics reports in the system.

Why is ARM access so powerful? Queries and immediate answers.

The ARM uses Multi-Dimensional cubes, essentially a pre-aggregated set of data that reflects your FuelsPricing solution. These cubes contain measures (price, volume, margin, etc) and dimensions (Site, Date, Product, etc). When the cube is processed it contains aggregations across all of these dimensions. This aggregation means that when you create a report you have the ability to query in business terms and have the answers immediately available.

For example, with a few clicks of the mouse you can run reports to show:

  •  Margins by product for all sites in a region
  •  Top 10 highest margin sites in that region
  •  The sales volumes for those sites
  •  How the sales volumes compare to target
  •  What was our 30 day price trend for each of those sites
  •  Tell me the competitors 30 day price trend for these sites
  •  Now show it in terms of price difference
  •  Now graph it by brand
  •  And so much more actionable information

This type of access can be termed 'self service business intelligence', using the same tools and databases that are used by the world's largest oil companies, but now available to all. 

Scheduling, tablets, phones, SharePoint

Taking this a step further, with true Enterprise functionality you can schedule multiple reports, embed them in SharePoint and/or distribute them to multiple devices.




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