A message from FuelsPricing CEO, Mark Scanlon

The IIS FuelsPricing hertitage has become well established over almost thirty years. Customers trust us to price billions of dollars of product daily in 30,000 retail service stations around the world and over 50,000 B2B end consumers.

Several years ago, the FuelsPricing brand was added as a natural extension of the IIS name, which helped us to expand, expecially in the wider US market.

Our software is renowned for its configurability, ease of use and delivering value to customers. Our people are valued for their technical and business knowledge, and for being very good to work with.  

As software engineers and fuels business consultants we are tradtionally conservative and have been somewhat publicity shy. However, we are delighted by the number of referrals we get from satisfied customers, which has contributed significantly to our year on year growth. I was delighted with the feedback received from customers around the world in interviews conducted in March 2017 by a third-party. Customers consistently recognise and value our technical capabilities and our deep business understanding of very different fuels markets.

I was particularly pleased by two off-the-cuff comments from senior people in two large organsations. The first observed that the FuelsPricing team demonstrates a 'must do attitiude.' Of course I would expect no less! Another reflected that I have assembled a very talented and knowledgeable team at IIS FuelsPricing. I also believe this to be true, and I would like to thank my senior team, our Customer Services staff, our developers, and everyone whose hard work means we receive consistent, heartfelt customer plaudits. Customer feedback is reflected in our Working with FuelsPricing page.

It’s become clear, based on information released by one of our competitors, that we really have been doing rather well (read more in Market Share).

Our view, which is shared by our board and advisors, is that based on our market share, our solid global customer base, our latest product developments and recent wins in which we have been in competitive evaluations, the future is very bright for the FuelsPricing.

You are in safe hands with FuelsPricing people who really understand the fuels sector and its diverse markets, and care about the retail and B2B fuels communities.


... the combination of the experience, knowledge and solutions can produce what customers need to compete in a changing market place. This partnership can help us deliver our vision for clients ...